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About MonotypePressing

MonotypePressing is a Warsaw-based company specializing in physical music releases. Their diverse services include custom vinyl pressing, cassette tape duplication, CD/DVD/Blu-ray replication, band/label merchandise, printed media, and deluxe packaging. Founded on the principle of ‘From Musicians, For Musicians,’ MonotypePressing is dedicated to transforming music and artwork into a tangible experience, providing their customers with valuable insights and creative support to ensure every customer’s vision comes to life.

Founded: 2015
Size: 15 employees
Industry: Music Industry


MonotypePressing, a company specializing in the sale of custom music products including vinyl records, CDs/DVDs, and cassettes, faced several critical challenges that were impacting its competitiveness and operational efficiency.

E-commerce Absence

MonotypePressing lacked an online platform for direct product purchase. Their static website, which only allowed customers to fill out product request forms, did not align with modern e-commerce practices. Given the unique nature of their offerings, creating a conventional e-commerce website with predefined product catalogs was not feasible. This absence of online sales capabilities hinderered their ability to tap into the vast potential of the digital marketplace.

Custom Product Complexity

The products offered by MonotypePressing are highly customizable. Prices depend on various customer choices, including different components and configurations. This complexity made it challenging to showcase products and provide accurate pricing information through their online setup.

Manual Order Processing

All form submissions for product requests had to be manually entered into their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This manual data entry process was not only time-consuming but also prone to errors, affecting order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Data Insights Gap

MonotypePressing lacked a comprehensive Business Intelligence structure, making it difficult to generate meaningful insights from their data. This absence of data-driven decision-making capabilities hampered their ability to adapt to market trends, understand customer behavior, and optimize operations effectively.

To overcome these challenges, MonotypePressing was seeking innovative solutions tailored for small companies that included the development of a dynamic, customized e-commerce website capable of handling the complexity of their product offerings. Additionally, they required an integrated system to automate order processing and CRM integration. Furthermore, the implementation of a robust business intelligence framework was essential to leverage data for informed decision-making and to enhance their competitive edge in the market.


In response to MonotypePressing’s unique challenges, our solutions offer a holistic approach to address their pressing needs and elevate their business operations to new heights. We have devised innovative strategies and implemented cutting-edge technologies to empower MonotypePressing in the following key areas:

Dynamic E-Commerce Platform

To enable online sales of their custom music products, we have developed a dynamic e-commerce platform tailored to MonotypePressing’s unique product configurations. This platform seamlessly integrates with their existing systems, offering customers a user-friendly interface to explore product options, receive real-time pricing based on customizations, and place orders effortlessly.

Automated Order Processing

Our solution automates the order processing workflow, eliminating the need for manual data entry. Orders submitted through the new e-commerce website are seamlessly integrated into MonotypePressing’s CRM system, ensuring accuracy, efficiency, and a significant reduction in operational overhead.

Business Intelligence Framework

We have implemented a robust Business Intelligence structure to harness MonotypePressing’s data potential. This framework provides advanced data analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing them to gain valuable insights into customer behavior, product preferences, and market trends. These insights empower data-driven decision-making, enhancing competitiveness and growth.

Customer Experience Enhancement

Through our solution, we aim to improve the overall customer experience. The dynamic e-commerce website offers a user-friendly and interactive interface that simplifies the customization process. Customers can easily configure their desired music products and receive instant pricing, making their shopping experience seamless and enjoyable.

Custom Internal Web Application

We have developed a custom internal web application for MonotypePressing’s employees, featuring distinct user access groups with tailored permissions, individual tasks, and content access. This innovation significantly optimizes and streamlines their operational processes.

Scalable Architecture

Our solution is designed with scalability in mind. As MonotypePressing grows and evolves, the architecture can easily accommodate increased traffic, product offerings, and data volumes, ensuring that the solution remains aligned with their long-term objectives.

Together, these solutions address MonotypePressing’s immediate challenges while providing a foundation for sustainable growth and competitiveness in the dynamic music industry landscape.

What Our Client Says:

Our partnership with MASTERBLASTER has been transformative. Their innovative solutions unlocked new opportunities for our business, making both the ordering process and our internal operations seamless and efficient. Their dedication to understanding our unique needs is commendable.
Jakub Mikołajczyk – CSO
As a part of the MonotypePressing team, I’ve seen firsthand how MASTERBLASTER empowered us with cutting-edge technologies. The dynamic online platform and automation of order processing have streamlined our daily tasks, making them more efficient and straightforward. This, in turn, allows us to focus exclusively on meeting our customers’ needs and leveraging our expertise to enhance their creative journey.
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