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LuxeLiving – Refined Outdoor Furniture


Peter, the CEO of LuxeLiving, a small-sized furniture manufacturing company, is facing daunting challenges in effectively managing the company’s supply chain. The lack of visibility into supplier performance, inventory levels, and order fulfillment has resulted in severe repercussions such as frustrating delays, disruptive production setbacks, and escalating costs. Consequently, the company struggles to uphold consistent production schedules, optimize their entire supply chain operations, and meet customer expectations. This struggle is further reflected in declining sales on their e-commerce website and a surge in customer complaints received by the support team. Understanding the criticality of resolving this issue urgently, Peter seeks assistance in establishing a robust and efficient business intelligence structure complemented by insightful dashboards to regain control over the supply chain and restore customer satisfaction.


To establish an optimized Business Intelligence infrastructure, a meticulous assessment of the existing data architecture is imperative. Following a thorough investigation into LuxeLiving’s data structure, it became evident that the company relies on the following data sources:

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system:

Supplier-related data such as contact details, contractual agreements, and delivery times, along with inventory data like item descriptions, quantities, locations, and storage conditions, are stored in an ERP system. This system relies on an underlying SQL database for efficient data management.

Production system:

The production system’s underlying SQL database stores various production-related data, such as production schedules, work-in-progress (WIP) status, machine utilization, quality control records, and production output metrics.

E-commerce Website: 

LuxeLiving’s order and customer data, including customer profiles, order history, and sales data, can be seamlessly accessed and retrieved through an API.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software: 

LuxeLiving’s customer support data, encompassing customer interactions, can be effortlessly accessed and retrieved through a seamless API integration.


Business Intelligence

In our mission to enhance LuxeLiving’s operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities, we’ve developed a comprehensive Business Intelligence solution covering data extraction, storage, and visualization. This approach seamlessly integrates data from multiple sources, including the ERP and production systems, e-commerce website, and CRM software, using cutting-edge technology for efficient processing. This empowers LuxeLiving to fully leverage its business operations. Furthermore, our solution incorporates advanced data visualization techniques, offering dynamic dashboards that provide valuable insights into various aspects of its operations, from supplier performance to order fulfillment. The following section delves into the entire process and its transformative impact on LuxeLiving’s business landscape.

LuxeLiving’s New Essential Dashboards:

Supplier Performance Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview of supplier performance metrics, such as on-time delivery rates, lead times, and quality ratings. It allows LuxeLiving to identify underperforming suppliers and take proactive measures to address issues, negotiate better contracts, and improve supply chain efficiency.

Inventory Management Dashboard

This dashboard visualizes inventory data, including stock levels, stockouts, and replenishment rates. It helps LuxeLiving monitor inventory levels, identify slow-moving or excess stock, and optimize inventory replenishment strategies. Additionally, it can provide insights into storage conditions and locations, enabling effective warehouse management.

Production Efficiency Dashboard

This dashboard focuses on production-related metrics, such as production cycle time, machine utilization, scrap rates, and production output. It allows LuxeLiving to monitor production performance, identify bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to optimize production processes, improve productivity, and reduce costs.

Order Fulfilment Dashboard

This dashboard tracks order fulfilment metrics, including order processing time, order accuracy, and on-time delivery performance. It provides visibility into the status of customer orders, helps identify potential delays or issues, and enables LuxeLiving to take proactive measures to ensure timely delivery, enhance customer satisfaction, and reduce order fulfilment costs.


Implementing the business intelligence structure has yielded remarkable outcomes for LuxeLiving. Key results include improved supply chain visibility, cost savings, production productivity, and customer satisfaction. Peter, the CEO, is delighted with the decision in having launched the BI project as it revolutionized operations, enabled data-driven decision-making, and positioned the company for growth. The dashboards provided insights into supplier performance, inventory levels, and order fulfilment, allowing proactive management and cost reductions. Production-related metrics facilitated identifying bottlenecks, optimizing machine utilization, and enhancing output. Customer insights empowered personalized marketing and improved customer satisfaction. The initial investment proved fruitful, reinforcing LuxeLiving’s competitive position and paving the way for continued success in the furniture manufacturing industry.


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