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EcoPaw – Handcrafted and sustainable dog toys


Coco owns a local store called “EcoPaw” where she is selling her handcrafted and sustainable dog toys. A few months ago, she launched her new online store. Even though the online shop was highly requested by her walk-in customers, her website traffic is low and sales are going slowly. Coco would not only like to enhance her online presence and engage more customers in her online shop to buy products, but she would also like to easily analyse her sales performance and create some digital marketing strategies in order to promote her products online.


Upon conducting a comprehensive analysis of Coco’s website, several critical issues have come to light. Firstly, the website exhibits an alarming loading time, significantly impacting the user experience. The prolonged loading duration hampers seamless navigation, potentially resulting in frustrated visitors and a high bounce rate. Additionally, when accessed via mobile devices, the website’s layout and elements appear distorted and illegible, compromising its mobile responsiveness and usability. Such flaws not only deter mobile users but also reflect poorly on Coco’s brand image and credibility.

Another pressing concern is the absence of Coco’s website from the search engine results page (SERP). This omission severely limits its online visibility and discoverability. Prospective customers actively searching for Coco’s products or services may remain unaware of the company’s existence due to the lack of search engine optimization (SEO) strategies in place.


In our quest to enhance Coco’s online presence and maximize her business’s performance, we undertook a multifaceted approach encompassing website optimization, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, digital analytics, and robust reporting mechanisms. This comprehensive solution aims to elevate Coco’s brand, improve user experience, and drive sustainable growth in the competitive world of eco-friendly pet products. In the following section, we delve into the intricacies of each implemented strategy and the transformative impact it has on Coco’s business.

Website Optimization

We employed advanced techniques to enhance website performance. Our optimization strategies include compressing image sizes and minimizing code to significantly improve loading speed. In addition, we focussed on enhancing mobile responsiveness, ensuring an exceptionally seamless and user-friendly browsing experience for visitors accessing Coco’s website on mobile devices.


We conducted keyword research to identify relevant terms for the products, optimizing meta titles and descriptions with targeted keywords and unique selling points. We also recommended starting a blog for valuable content on dog care, sustainability, and eco-friendly lifestyles with posts like “Choosing Sustainable Dog Toys” or “Benefits of Eco-Friendly Pet Products.”

Digital Analytics

We implemented Google Analytics to track website traffic, user behaviour and conversion rates. Once data starts populating the Google Analytics dashboards, Coco will be able to use those data insights to implement her digital marketing strategies, optimize her marketing efforts, tailor content to customer preferences, and refine the online shopping experience.

Business Intelligence

To create the required sales performance dashboards for Coco, we utilize various tools such as Google Cloud and data visualization tools. Our first step involves extracting sales data from three different data sources. We retrieve sales data from the SQL database of her POS system at her local store, acquire sales data from her online shop through an API, and import targeted sales objectives from an Excel spreadsheet stored on a Google Drive.

EcoPaw’s Benefits of Reporting:

Comprehensive Business Insights at Your Fingertips

Through these dashboards, Coco can effortlessly gain insights into various aspects of her business, including sales revenue, sales volume, top-selling products, and a comparison of buying behavior between her local store and online shop. The integration of her targeted sales objectives from the Excel spreadsheet allows Coco to evaluate her progress towards her goals and assess the need for additional marketing strategies.

Unlocking Insights Through Historical Data Analysis

Furthermore, the availability of historical data and a timeline view in the dashboards empowers Coco to track trends and identify patterns. This historical analysis helps her make informed business decisions based on past performance. By leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud and data visualization tools, Coco can effectively monitor her sales performance, identify areas for improvement, and optimize her business strategies to achieve her goals.


By implementing these strategies and using data-driven insights, Coco enhanced her online presence and drove targeted traffic to her online shop. Due to effectively analyzing her sales performance in her dashboards and user behaviour on the website, Coco is now able to promote her products, attract more customers, and accelerate the growth of her business, EcoPaw. Her handcrafted and sustainable dog toys are now country-wide requested!


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